4 steps to the perfect golf polo

Summer is here and the hunt for the perfect polo for the golf course has begun. There is a jungle out there of different styles, fabrics and fits to say the least. To help you narrow it down there are four things you should consider when choosing the perfect polo for yourself. Let´s get started!

The four things to consider:

  • The fabric
  • The fit
  • The sleeve length
  • The style

The fabric

First and foremost, the fabric. We recommend that you choose a fabric that keeps your body cool and dry at the same time. A majority of the polo's that we have in our range are made of recycled and ecofriendly bamboo charcoal. A material with natural anti odor effects that also has the properties mentioned above.

The fit

Secondly, what fit do you prefer? A slimmer polo that fits tighter to the body or perhaps a more regular fit? If you are unsure of what size to go for you can always have a look at our size guide.

The sleeve length

Thirdly, sleeve length. The sleeve length of a good-fitting polo should come down to the middle of your upper arm, with the seam that connects the sleeves lining up with the middle of your shoulders. However, some prefer sleeveless polo's or polo's with a full sleeve length. It is all about personal preference.

The style

Lastly, what style makes you feel your best? Maybe a classic polo in navy or a colorful and oversized polo with a graphic pattern? We have a wide selection of colors and patterns.

Go check them out and find the perfect polo for you!