Having a healthy and sporty lifestyle is more than just a trend, it is a new era. The difference between work and everyday life is smaller than ever before and the fashion trends are developing thereafter. When you are wearing Cross Sportswear you should always feel comfortable, sporty and fashionable in every situation.

Here at Cross Sportswear, we have been designing great rain gear for years and our Edge Jacket has won the prize "World's Best Rain Jacket" by My GolfSpy three years in a row. Now we want to do even better, we want to develop.

We will continue to stand for quality and style, but also for environmental smartness. A brand for the conscious people. Conscious about Design, Quality and the Environment.

With our Scandinavian heritage we care about nature and are constantly looking for better alternatives. Starting with our materials we are mainly working with recycled and recyclable polyester. The fabric in our best rain gear is made out of virgin polyester due to durability. The product will last longer and make a smaller footprint overall.

We are working with natural fibers such a Bamboo Charcoal. We are always on the quest for the latest technology and are working hard with our sustainability progress.

Bamboo leaves in front of a blue sky

Fabrics and materials

We are working with products made from recycled fibers that at the end can go back into the same system again and become a resource. Today at Cross Sportswear we are using Recycled Polyester, Recyclable Polyester, Virgin Polyester and Bamboo Charcoal.

Recycled Polyester

Polyester is made from the most common type of plastic, Polyethylene Terephtalate, also known as PET. Recycled Polyester is obtained by melting down existing plastic, such as fishing nets or plastic bottles and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber.

Recycled Polyester is known as rPET and is just as good as virgin polyester but its production requires far fewer resources compared to Virgin Polyester. It also gives a second life to a material which would otherwise end up in a landfill or the ocean.

Virgin Polyester

Virgin Polyester is a synthetic fiber created through a chemical reaction involving petroleum and it is the most common form of PET, also known as Polyethylene Terephthalate. We are using virgin polyester when it is needed. The quality is better and the product will last longer, this is a smaller footprint overall.

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal is produced from the rapidly growing Moso Bamboo. It has been enjoyed in Asia for more than four centuries. Taking only five years from seedling to maturity, this kind of bamboo can grow up to two feet in a single day. Further, reach a height of 60 feet in two or three months with no irrigation. Moso Bamboo regenerates naturally through an extensive root system.

Bamboo forests are widely planted throughout Asia, and due to the resurgence in recognition of the benefits of Bamboo Charcoal, bamboo are being planted each day with the intent of having this sustainable product forever. 

Close up of bamboo trees

Bamboo Charcoal - For the conscious golfer

Why Bamboo Charcoal? Because it is smart, sustainable, non-toxic and all natural. It is the best fiber in sport. We are using Bamboo Charcoal in mainly our polos. This is a huge advantage against our competitors. The choice between two polos, one with Bamboo Charcoal and the other with 100% polyester. It should be an easy choice.

We strive to become better and more sustainable each season. Bamboo charcoal and undyed materials are part of that. It’s the smart play.

The list of benefits of Bamboo Charcoal is long and important. Your bamboo clothing will likely outlast everything else in your wardrobe. Perfect for runners and fitness enthusiasts all year-round. Bamboo exercise wear will help you stay in the game.


  • Natural anti odor effect.
  • The hollow microfibers provide superior insulation and thermal regulation, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • It does not absorb or retain moisture or odors.
  • Anti-pilling.
  • Superior washing and durability.
  • It is both antibacterial and antimicrobial.
  • Built in UV protection. 

Waste, suppliers and production

We are working hard with eliminating waste. Leftover fabrics from production is being used for samples, prototypes and special products. Nothing is waste.

Cross Sportswear has no production of its own and instead has its production by selected manufactures in China. The choice of manufacturers is based on product quality, delivery performance and of course ethical and environmental considerations.