At Cross Sportswear we care about the environment. We believe that sharing is caring. Therefore, we are now launching a rental service. Are you worried about the weather for your next golf trip? Or are you thinking of buying a garment from us and want to try it before? Not a problem at all. Rent World’s Best Raingear from us and focus on the playing instead of be worrying about the weather.

Rental Product Options


M Edge Jacket
M Edge Pants

M Hurricane Jacket
M Hurricane Pants


W Edge Jacket
W Edge Pants

W Hurricane Jacket
W Hurricane Pants 


1-3 days 350 SEK

4-8 days 550 SEK

 I want to rent world’s best raingear. How do I proceed?

1. Send an email to
2. Tell us which size and style you want to rent.
3. One of our representatives will contact you.
4. Pick up your chosen gear at our head office in Stockholm.
5. You are ready to go! Easy as that! 

   Unfortunately we do only offer this service in Stockholm at the moment.