Friends of Cross: Introducing Elliot Göthe

Image of a male golfer in a white sweater swinging his golf club.

Golf has brought me to amazing places & countries

How did your interest in golf start and how old where you?

My interest in golf came from my dad. When I was a kid I enjoyed hanging out on the course when he was playing. I didn’t really play at first, but started around 11-12 years old. By 13 I was totally hooked. 

When did you realize you wanted to play golf full time?

I went to a golf high school in Sweden and realized just that. I spent all my focus on and around the golf course. To this day, it’s still what I love the most. 

Male golfer in a green jacket and black hat preparing to hit the ball.

Traveling every week, it’s challenging to keep routines

What’s the best part about your current lifestyle as a professional golfer? 

I always loved to travel and golf has gotten me to some amazing places and countries. I’m also looking forward to many more to come. 


What’s the most challenging part about that said lifestyle? 

Despite all the amazing places, the traveling part is a bit challenging. To be out and about almost every week during the season with new hotels, new courses etc. makes it hard to maintain routines. Both the training and nutrition becomes affected. 

"It might sound cliché, but being present in every shot is key"

What are you working on mentally when it comes to your golf game?

It might sound cliché, but being present in every shot is key for me. A lot of golfers, amateurs and pros are really good at looking for what’s next all the time, instead of focusing on the swing at hand. 


What are you working on technically? 

Technically, right now i’m working really hard to tighten up my backswing. I have a tendency off making it a bit too long. By bringing it in and shorten it down, I become more consistent and achieve better control of the ball flight. 

A male golfer in blue golf clothes is swinging a golf club.
A male golfer in blue golf clothes is swinging a golf club.

I like to start the round on a cold day dressing really warm and drop layers as I get going

When you dress for a cold & windy day on the course in the early spring, what’s your strategy?

I prefer being warm from the get-go and then I peal down layers as I warm up and feel ready. Usually when I warm up during a chilly spring morning, i’ll put on a polo, second layer and jacket/ vest, depending on the temperature. It’s also nice to have a knitted beanie on when it’s windy. 

What are you looking for in a golf wardrobe? 

I always liked golf clothing that fits well, and prefer them being on the tighter side and not too baggy. Too much fabric just tangles up in the swing. The most important thing for me is to feel comfortable on the course, and what’s a big plus is that the clothes I get from Cross also works really well off the course too. 

Male wearing sunglasses and a black down jacket.
Male wearing sunglasses and a black down jacket.
I choose clothes that makes me comfortable on the course. A plus is that they look good off the course as well

What are your plans for the season?

The 2024 season, i’ll play on the Cutter&Buck Tour, which is the Nordic professional league. The focus is to take it one tournament at the time and feel that I’ve done all I can to prepare the best way possible.