friends of cross: introducing gerrit and kathy


Meet our new friends, the German content creating duo Kathleen & Gerrit

After first meeting on Instagram through their common interest, both became members at the Green Eagle Golf Course outside of Hamburg where they started playing together. Only 4 and 7 years into golf with tons of energy and fascination for the game, the match was perfect. Today, both players dedicate most of their life to the game both professionally and in their leisure time. A story many golfers can relate to after being “bitten”. 

Gerrit, you are a man of many talents. From marketing, production, photo and now golf. How did you start and how much of your life revolves around golf in 2024?

I started out as a copywriter and then moved up to creative director in the ad world, working with agencies like Scholz & Friends and BBDO. I also taught ‘creative concept’ at Miami Ad School. Since 20 years I’m self employed and then, 7 years ago, I fell head over heels for golf - the moment I tried it. With my marketing background, I started giving some creative advice to my local golf clubs. I quickly realized there's a huge need for this across the whole industry. My approach was all about showing off golf’s beauty as a whole. And smashing stereotypes with stunning, likable content. #unf*ckgolf

By now, golf has become a huge part of my professional life as well, since so many areas of activity have been added (see below)


What’s the best and most challenging part of working the niche you are creating for yourself? 

At first, it was a passion project to get more people into golf by sharing my own fascination. 

Then came my first drone. And soon after that, Corona hit, and I went all in: I bought tons of high-end studio equipment and taught myself all about photography and various software. I've got what you might call a "YouTube Diploma." ;) 

This allowed me to offer not just communications, marketing solutions, websites, and Google Ads services to golf clubs, but also the content itself—a real value add. 

With a team of specialists, my agency is set up as a one-stop marketing boutique, working not just for the biggest employer in German golf but also for countless clubs & brands on a variety of projects. This also made us attractive to golf-loving SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

The best part is the variety of different projects and the boundless beauty of the diverse clubs, now even on an international scale, that I get to visit. 

All the different aspects— such as traveling, scenery, golf course architecture, hospitality, club life, real estate—make it so different from other sports and jobs.

You are currently releasing a digital coffee table book called Just Great Golf, tell us about how that came about and what it is?

That all came together by leveraging everything I've got. As a copywriter specialized in storytelling, now that I've connected with the big golf clubs and personalities, I can tell their stories. And the very best part: I can do it all independently: looking for stories to tell, handle interviews in both text and video, shoot and edit videos, and take photos. The quarterly digital coffee table book "Just Great Golf Magazine" is essentially the culmination of me, all my work as a creative and as a golf enthusiast. 

"Just Great Golf Magazine" will be published in both German and English, in the tradition of coffee table magazines: It'll feature high-quality photo and video spreads, long-read articles, interviews, and stories about interesting personalities, and other yet untold stories.

“The quarterly digital coffee table book Just Great Golf Magazine is essentially the culmination of me, all my work as a creative and as a golf enthusiast” – Gerrit

Having photographed hundreds of courses, give us your top 3 in Germany?

I have to be Nordic patriotic ;) 

  • 1. GC Föhr - a 27-hole golfing gem located in the North Frisian North Sea, is a real treat for golf enthusiasts - a bit links, a bit parkland.
  • 2. Green Eagle Golf Courses - My home club. Venue of the European Open on the ‘green monster’ Nord Course. They're currently working on the West Course, which they're using to bid for the Ryder Cup 2035.
  • 3. Hamburger Golf-Club Falkenstein - Located in the Blankenese district of the city, the club represents a tradition dating back to 1906 (not always in the same location). With its stunning parkland and heath, it serves as one of Germany's premier golfing academies, nurturing talents like Esther Henseleit.

What are you looking for in a golf wardrobe? 

Quality & Inspiration. Design with a twist & tweak.

Kathleen, you have only been playing for 4 years and for people spending a lifetime trying to get down to scratch, how in the world did you manage so fast? 

My development into a scratch golfer within just three to four years has surprised me as much as it may have surprised others. I completed the golf proficiency test in 2020 and have since dedicated myself intensively and ambitiously.

In 2021, I was fortunate enough to meet my coach, Manfred Kessler. His excellent coaching,

combined with his extensive experience, was crucial for my rapid improvement. We train

regularly, focusing not just on the technical aspects of the game but also on strategy, mental

strength, and adapting to various courses and conditions. Although I had not participated in professional sports before, I believe that my commitment and the structured approach we take are crucial. We use a mix of traditional methods and modern technology to analyze and enhance my gameplay, which accelerates the learning process. Additionally, having a mentor like Manfred, who can precisely identify what needs to be improved and how, makes a significant difference. 


What was your perception of golf before and after you started?

Before I started playing golf, I thought of it as a nice activity for older people and never

imagined it could be a real sport (haha). However, from the moment I first held a golf club, I

realized how demanding it is. I even still get sore muscles after some training sessions. Today, golf is an essential part of my leisure time, and I can't imagine life without it. I've also noticed that many young people play golf.

Additionally, I’ve come to appreciate not only the physical aspects but also the mental

challenge golf presents. It requires strategic thinking, precision, and a great deal of patience,

which has helped me develop skills that are useful both on and off the course. Golf has

expanded my social network, allowing me to connect with a wide array of individuals and

enriching my life in unexpected ways.

Is there anything in the golf culture you would like to see developed?

One aspect of golf culture I would like to see developed is making the sport more attractive

and accessible to everyone. Many people think that only those with substantial financial

means can afford to play golf. While this is still true in some clubs, there are plenty of clubs

that make learning and playing golf possible for everyone. I hope to see continued efforts in

reducing these financial barriers and promoting inclusivity, ensuring that golf can truly be

enjoyed by people from all walks of life, regardless of their economic background. This

change could help make the sport more transparent and welcoming to a new, diverse

generation of golfers.


What are your 3 best tips for beginners starting the journey?

1. Don't give up: Progress in golf can sometimes be slow and it's easy to feel discouraged. Remember, every golfer has been where you are, so keep practicing and stay persistent.

2. Don't despair: There will be bad days on the course. Instead of getting frustrated, analyze what went wrong and how you these experiences as learning opportunities. 

3. Have fun: Above all, golf should be enjoyable. Focus on the positive aspects of the game, like the beauty of the courses and the friendships you can make. Enjoy the process of learning and growing in the sport.


What are you looking for in a golf wardrobe?

In my golf wardrobe, I look for comfortable and modern clothing. Golf is a sport and the attire should definitely fit comfortably. There's nothing worse than pants that pinch or T-shirts that constantly ride up. Additionally, good rain gear is essential! In Northern Germany, we have to be prepared for all seasons throughout the year, so a rain suit is a must have in any golf bag! These elements ensure that I can focus on my game and perform my best, regardless of the weather or conditions.