friends of cross: introducing kårsta golf club

To sell golf attire through retailers around the globe has it’s benefit. Meet inspiring Anna & Mimmi behind Kårsta Golf Club who has created a full year business with happy members by using psychological theories. We got to join their annual lady’s trip to Spain and got to know them better. 

Tell us a little about Kårsta Golf Club and your vision?

We are located outside of Örebro, Sweden and work tiredlessly to create a familiar golf club with happy members. Our business targets golfers with all different abilities with the vision ”every member should have the opportunity to reach their potential for a long and active life”. We’re constantly asking ourself the question ”why should i be a member at Kårsta Golf?” As with everything in life, an inner motivation is key to evolve over time. Autonomy, competence and a sense of belonging are the ground pillars in our organization.

Which different parts does your organization consist of?

In addition to golf trips and the in-door winter training, we’re running the in-season academy called 2610. A crucial part of the mindset are the well tested theories behind the concept “Physical Literacy” which creates confident that leads to motivation to train even more. 

”Every time i try, i become a little better. The game of golf is about having the right attitude and presistence. If you can succeed with that on the course, you’ll succeed in life.”

- Anna Dahlberg Söderström, CEO


What do you think the keys are for more women to both play and take ownership in an otherwise male dominated business? 

We strongly believe that more women are needed in leading positions who can inspire others to take the step and try. It’s about making girls and women better, lift up their competence and spark that passion.

What’s your message to people that might be interested in starting to play? 

Golf challenges you on the level you’re at and everyone can enjoy themselves on that level. 


On a lighter note, how do you view golf fashion today? Are there anything you would like to see more/ less off? 

We like the fact that the women’s golf fashion have been taking steps to become more comfortable and practical in addition to only looking good. We like garments that allows a swing and fits well, like Cross’ rain set for example.

A specific product that we both really like is the wind vest. It looks good, creates warmth, is not getting in the way and easy to build layers with. We both like sporty looks you can wear both on and off the course. 

”Everyone can start loving golf! I started my career off hating it, but after a few years being absolutely in love :)”

Mimmi Bergman, Head Pro