Stay dry while hitting the green

The weather can, let’s face it, sometimes (or often depending on where you live) be pretty unpredictable and even if the forecast states clear sky’s and sunny days it is always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected.


There are tons of rain gear out there and once you play 18 holes in pouring rain you get a certain appreciation for what works, and what doesn’t. We, here at Cross Sportswear, have always excelled in weather proof gear and keeping players' trust is not something we take lightly.

Sportswear since 1986

The competence we have built over the years has led to the FTX, our 2-3 layer membrane tailored to fit long rounds in horrible conditions still allowing you to comfortably sink that putt and force a playoff. The ultrathin membrane is laminated to the shell fabric, and comes with 20.000 mm water pillar, which translates to total waterproofness. All while retaining extreme levels of breathability, movability, stretch and wind-chill protection.


These unusually high levels of technical qualities are designed with Scandinavian climate in mind where wind, wet and snow are part of the daily routine. We need to be sure that we’ll stay dry, and to embrace this we have a 3 years waterproof guarantee on all FTX gear.