The soul of a golf brand

Style is obviously very subjective, and that’s a great thing. We love the fact that everyone is different, and diversity in looks and personalities is truly growing the game. Today, there’s a wider selection of outfits and combinations than ever. Bright and bold are often paired with classic sophistication, even at The Masters. People wear sneaker style shoes with tailored looks, and vice versa. No colors are enemies anymore. And all variations of cuts, patterns and designs are blasting through the demographics, with total disregard for age or social background.

Male and female model are posing in golf blue golf clothes.

We are ready to shake things up

At Cross Sportswear, we celebrate this - and this year we’re all about questioning rules and conventions. An inspiration has been the geometrical simplicity of the 60’s along with playful animal patterns, and a charming disregard for tradition. Nothing has been off the table, as we’ve explored our most epic season ever. The golf world is waking up from it’s pandemic sleep walk, and we are ready to shake things up. Once again.

Fun fact about golf, is that you could wear whatever you have around the house and still be able to play. But most of us love it too much to wear just anything. This game is more than breaking par, it’s about the love for details, hope and the sensational feeling when everything is in sync.

Stay tuned. Our first drops from the Spring/Summer 2023 collection is launching soon.