Introducing the Spring/Summer Collection 2023

Finally. The first drop from our Spring/Summer Collection has launched. The first pieces are fresh on the shelves at our warehouse and we cannot be more excited for this years collection. For this years Spring/Summer Collection we have taken inspiration from, among other things, the 60’s.

Vintage golf fashion has given us so many epic looks over the decades. This year, we’re digging deep into the 60’s archive, an era of great golf, great lifestyle - and great looks. As always, here at Cross Sportswear we bring you an updated look to the course - along with innovative materials, technical performance, weatherproofness, sustainable thinking and the proven bamboo charcoal fiber in most of our uppers.

Male and female model posing in golf clothes

Colour cards

The collection is designed with endless colour combinations in mind. You will be able to match most of the colours together and you will see that many, if not all, of the colours are used as accent colours over and over again on other pieces. Designed so that you can mix and match different colour tracks to your own liking. Jungle Green, Green Tint and Lilac Sachet. Pebble Grey, Xenon Blue and Twilight Blue. The combinations are endless and most of the pieces from this collection can be combined in multiple ways. 

And as always, we have included one of a kind patterns into this collection. An inspiration has been the geometrical simplicity of the 60’s along with playful animal patterns, and a charming disregard for tradition. Nothing has been off the table, as we’ve explored our most epic season ever.  

Image of different colour blocks


Golf is a passion and the clothes we make here at Cross Sportswear mirror our continued high ambition of comfort, technical performance, and style. This season will show more than ever how we are driven by action, led by consciousness and inspired through curiosity. 

”The 60’s was the heyday of golf fashion. With our simple, fun and stylish collections, we want to bring that goodness back.”

Niclas Valfridsson, CEO at Cross Sportswear

Fun fact about golf, is that you could wear whatever you have around the house and still be able to play. But most of us love it too much to wear just anything. This game is more than breaking par, it’s about the love for details, hope and the sensational feeling when everything is in sync.  

Malde model posing in front of a beige background wearing blue golf clothes


So if your comfort zone is taking the game a little further each day and finding new challenges along the way, all while feeling and looking great in the process - this year’s collection will hit the mark. 

Femalde model sitting down and posing in front of a pink wall wearing golf clothes